Komorní kino Evald

PSH Neverending Story

Director:Štěpán Vodrážka
Cast:Michal "Orion" Opletal, Vladimir 518, Mike Trafik
Premiere:27. October 2022
Length:70 minutes

Tři písmena. Tři kamarádi. Třicet let rapu.

Director: Štěpán Vodrážka  •  Scenario: Petr Cífka  •  Camera: Šimon Dvořáček  •  Music: Aid Kid  •  Cast: Michal "Orion" Opletal, Vladimir 518, Mike Trafik

Orion, Vladimir 518 and Mike Trafik are Peneri strycka Homeboye (a.k.a. PSH - Uncle Homeboy's Hoboes). Three lads from Prague, legendary rappers on the cusp of middle age, friends. It all started in the crazy nineties - graffiti, the first attempts at rap, parties, fame, booze and drugs. Sky-rocketing popularity (but well-earned), downfalls, crises and comebacks. And all this marked by a conspiracy which gradually morphed into an unshakable male friendship, a source of energy and creative ideas, and a reservoir of the individual inner strength required to ride out those critical moments. A cleverly shot, incisive triple portrait that flouts all the taboos and may well answer the question: "What'll happen when there's no more PSH?"



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