Komorní kino Evald

Chasing the Line

Director:Andreas Schmied
Cast:Julian Waldner, Valerie Huber, Wolfgang Oliver, Harry Lampl
Premiere:1. December 2022
Length:109 minutes
Genre:Drama, Biographical

Director: Andreas Schmied  •  Scenario: Andreas Schmied, Elisabeth Schmied  •  Camera: Xiaosu Han, Andreas Thalhammer  •  Music: Manfred Plessl  •  Cast: Julian Waldner, Valerie Huber, Wolfgang Oliver, Harry Lampl, Benedikt Kalcher, Noah Perktold, Marii Weichsler, Alexander Stecher, Fabian Schiffkorn, Markus Zett, Wiltrud Schreiner, Robert Reinagl, Doris Dexl, Otto Jankovich, Raphaël Tschudi, Johannes Rhomberg, Raphael Nicholas

For the downhill challenge at the Olympics 1976 there was only one favourite: Franz Klammer! The charismatic Austrian downhill racer carries the hopes of a whole nation on his shoulders. Faced with this pressure, his sponsor wanting to change his equipment at the last minute, the weather conditions worsening by the day, the mountain turning out to be defiant and rival racers on his heels, Franz ends up facing the ultimate challenge.



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