Komorní kino Evald

Cesta vzhůru

Director:David Čálek
Cast:Radek Jaroš, Andrea Jarošová, Honza „Tráva“ Trávníček, Lucie Výborná
Premiere:27. August 2015
Length:100 minutes

Radek Jaroš ve filmu o zdolávání vrcholů Země a života.

Cast: Radek Jaroš, Andrea Jarošová, Honza „Tráva“ Trávníček, Lucie Výborná, Martin Havlena, Petr „Miska“ Mašek  •  Music: David Čálek  •  Scenario: David Čálek  •  Director: David Čálek

The film presents best Czech climber Radek Jaroš's long and difficult life journey to the top of K2, the last eight-thousander to finish The Crown of Himalaya. We will try to discover what has led him to teeter on the edge between life and death. But this will not be a classic sports film. We want to capture a trace of a man who even in the toughest conditions did not give up on his pure humanity. Radek is a top athlete and achievement is important to him, but not the most important. The question arises whether the pinnacle of a career is the most important thing in life. Through Jaroš's extensive archive, we will track his journey from the beginning until the final peak. We will not be interested only about a sports performance, but also about the mark the journey leaves on Radek's family.



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