Komorní kino Evald

Lethal Kittens

Director:Volodymyr Tychyj
Cast:Dmytro Tubolcev, Dmytro Chomjak, Jaroslav Fedorčuk, Dmytro Jarošenko
Length:113 minutes
Genre:War, Comedy

Director: Volodymyr Tychyj  •  Scenario: Volodymyr Tychyj  •  Camera: Serhij Stecenko  •  Music: Mykyta Moisejev  •  Cast: Dmytro Tubolcev, Dmytro Chomjak, Jaroslav Fedorčuk, Dmytro Jarošenko, Michail Kukujuk, Igor Porťanko, Stanislav Bžezynskyj, Vira Klymkovecka

In 2014 Russia's hybrid war against Ukraine turns hot. An engineer, actor, soccer coach and florist volunteer to fight on the front line. Unaware of the pivotal role they will play in the war, they discover the meaning of true leadership.



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