Sweet Home Czyżewo, God Bless You, Dust

Length:65 minutes


Sweet Home Czyżewo (Polsko; 2017; 28 min). Director: Jakub Radej

“You’re not local anymore,” Marcin is told by an old friend at a party and he has to admit he’s right. Marcin spent time in America and his hometown is in no hurry to welcome him back. His hopes come up against a reality that is more sober and hostile. Jakub Radej follows a day in the life of a man who doesn’t intend to give up, but with every passing hour he moves closer to losing everything he looked forward to and believed in until now.

God Bless You (Bóg zapłać, Polsko; 2014; 11min). Director: Jakub Radej

"I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners" Matthew 9:13

A young cleric during a holly mass gets a letter from one of the female believers, which reminds him of a recent sin. He must make the right decision to be able to follow a spiritual path. Does one have to sin to become a saint? A story told without dialogues.

Dust (Proch, Polsko; 2017; 24 min). Director: Jakub Radej

Dust showes the way of the body and belongings after the death of a sungle lonely person. In the ascetic form film ask questions about the meaning of life, the importance of the individual and value of material goods.


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