Weather Forecast

Director:Antoni Krauze
Cast:Halina Buyno-Łoza, Zofia Cegiełkowa, Barbara Chojecka, Eugenia Horecka
Length:91 minutes

Director: Antoni Krauze  •  Scenario: Antoni Krauze  •  Camera: Krzysztof Pakulski  •  Haircut: Jadwiga Leśniewicz  •  Music: Zbigniew Preisner  •  Cast: Halina Buyno-Łoza, Zofia Cegiełkowa, Barbara Chojecka, Eugenia Horecka, Henryka Janikowska, Lena Wilczyńska

Residents of retirement house are watching a TV weather forecast that tells a hard winter. When the vans bring a large shipment of coffins the same night, the old people will suspect someone is getting them ready for death. Together they decide to escape. Soon, a police unit began to be on their feet, the whole action reminds of chasing the criminals. The film was made at the turn of 1981/82 and surprisingly became a metaphor of the Polish political situation of that time. His premiere was postponed to 1983 due to historical events in Poland. Antoni Krauze, the author of the film, died in February this year, the screening of this film is dedicated to his memory.


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