141 Minutes from The Unfinished Sentence

Director:Zoltán Fábri
Cast:András Bálint, Mari Csomós, Zoltán Latinovits, Anikó Sáfár
Length:141 minutes

Director: Zoltán Fábri  •  Scenario: Zoltán Fábri  •  Camera: György Illés  •  Haircut: Ferencné Szécsényi  •  Music: György Vukán  •  Cast: András Bálint, Mari Csomós, Zoltán Latinovits, Anikó Sáfár, Mária Bisztrai, László Mensáros

In this novel, with an eye to Marcel Proust s and Thomas Mann s great novels as well as to the Hungarian tradition of realism, Déry gives the panorama of the Horthy era´s society, the conflict between the bourgeoisie and the working class. (The Unfinished Sentence remained in manuscript for almost ten years and was only published after World War II, when it immediately achieved great success.) Its protagonist, and the writer s alter-ego, is the law student Lőrinc Parcen-Nagy, who breaks with his family and class. It is through his eyes that Déry depicts the decadence, the decay, the ideological vacuum and the world-weariness of the bourgeoisie and the deformations of Hungarian feudal capitalism. Lőrinc seeks to find the meaning of his life among the proletariat, but to his disappointment, they treat him with aversion and he is bound to take notice of the working class s inner contradictions. The story of the novel, using various personalities and situations as well as several characters, is not governed by a linear plot but the inner time of its characters. The lines of action are woven around the story of three families, the bourgeois Percen-Nagys and Vietoriszes, and the working class Rózsas, the fate of the former two being disintegration, of the latter sacrifices for the sake of the future. The novel is situated in Budapest, but through the families at its centre, we get a glimpse of the Europe of the age. Recollections and predictions help to enlarge the novel s time-span (1933-1938) and illustrate the movement of history. It paints a true picture of the country threatened by fascism, showing what powers and weaknesses led to the nation´s tragedy. Given the magnitude of the novel (sources say that in the Hungarian original, the book has 1200 pages, the Czech translation came out in two volumes, covering a total of 900 pages), the famous Hungarian director Zoltán Fábri in his 1975 film, focused only on some parts of the story lines his opus magnus called 141 Minutes from the Unfinished Sentence. Thanks his masterful art of convincingly short storytelling in some moments, the film firmly holds together, just like the novel, that is based on. The guest before screening of the film will be Jaromír Blažejovský, who will give the necessary insight into it, as well as into the filmography by Zoltan Fábri.



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