Magic Moments + About My Sister + Varga

Length:90 minutes


Magic Moments (r. Martina Buchelová, Slovensko, 2017), 20 min. EF

Parents struggle to earn money, so sisters basically take care of each other alone.

- Why we walk on the grass?

- So that we step into shit and are lucky.

Thanks to the bond they have, they might have already won over life's shit.

About My Sister (O sestre, r. Barbora Sliepková, Slovensko, 2017), 16 min. EF

The film About My Sister is a documentary essay about a teenage girl. It depicts the contemporary world through vision of young, intelligent person, who (unwillingly) decided to isolate from society. This movie is about distance between people – and about the fear it causes.

Varga (r. Soňa Maletz, Slovensko / ČR, 2017), 52 min. EF

A film portrait of a legend of the Czechoslovak music scene takes a look at rock keyboardist Marián Varga (1947–2017) near the end of his life when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She filmed this hugely introverted chain smoker during his last performances as he slowly began to lose his breath.



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