The Butcher, the Whore and the One-eyed Man

Director:János Szász
Cast:Dorka Gryllus, Géza Hegedűs D., Zsolt Nagy
Length:105 minutes

Director: János Szász  •  Scenario: János Szász  •  Camera: Tibor Mathé  •  Haircut: Anna Kornis  •  Cast: Dorka Gryllus, Géza Hegedűs D., Zsolt Nagy

1925 saw a terrible scandal shake the city of Budapest. Ferenc Kudelka was slaughtered in his own abattoir, cut up, bundled into suitcases and carried through the city streets to be eventually dumped in the Danube. The gruesome crime is committed by a former gendarme by the name of Gusztáv Léderer and his ex-prostitute wife Mária Fekete, in cold blood but in an atrociously amateur manner. Kudelka the butcher falls passionately in love with the wife of the former gendarme officer, with the full knowledge and assistance of her husband: he is able to spend hours of pleasure with his wife in return for a small fee. Driven by greed, the Léderer couple eventually succeed in killing – after two failed attempts – Ferenc Kudelka. The film shows the slow decline of three individuals as they are sucked into a world of sinful existence. It is the story of a wild and voracious love triangle. Related with brutal truth and raw realism, it tells a tale of meat, amour and maniacal murder…



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