The Legend of Timm Thaler or The Boy Who Sold His Laughter

Director:Andreas Dresen
Cast:Arved Friese, Justus von Dohnányi, Axel Prahl, Charly Hübner
Premiere:17. October 2018
Length:102 minutes
Genre:Family, Drama, Adventurous


Director: Andreas Dresen  •  Scenario: Alexander Adolph  •  Camera: Michael Hammon  •  Music: Johannes Repka  •  Cast: Arved Friese, Justus von Dohnányi, Axel Prahl, Charly Hübner, Jule Hermann, Steffi Kühnert, Nadja Uhl, Bjarne Mädel, Andreas Schmidt, Milan Peschel, Fritzi Haberlandt, Harald Schmidt, Heinz Rudolf Kunze, Thomas Ohrner, Michael Gerber, Reiner Heise, Joachim Król, Daan Lennard Liebrenz, Dennis Oestreich, Marie Luise Stahl, Axel Werner, Alexander Yassin, Andreas Dresen, Reinhardt Großmann

Timm Thaler is poor, but he laughs a lot, and often. His laughter is so charming and contagious that the diabolical Baron Lefuet wants, at all costs, to have it for himself. And so the world’s richest man makes the boy a dubious offer: if Timm agrees to sell him his laugh, he’ll win every bet he ever makes in the future. After hesitating at first, Timm signs the contract. But though he can now seemingly fulfill his every wish, without his laugh, he is a different person. Of all of Timm’s friends, only Ida and the hotel bar keeper Kreschimir continue to stick with him. Together they hope to rescue Timm from the clutches of the baron and, through a clever trick, win back his inimitable laugh.



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