Radio Kobanî

Director:Reber Dosky
Premiere:8. March 2018
Length:70 minutes

Category: Panorama

Director: Reber Dosky

Young Kurdish reporter, Dilovan, establishes a radio station in the Syrian town of Kobani, which managed to defend itself against the Islamic State’s offensive. How is the city returning to life after the intense attacks?

Thanks to Dilovan, Radio Kobani has become more than a source of information – it also provides energy and a sense of stability, in times of both war and peace. Without sensationalism, she interviews local refugees, soldiers, and journalists who often come straight from the battlefield. This documentary presents a civil approach to resisting an extreme situation. Dilovan is not just a reporter, she is primarily a young woman who experiences love and friendship set against the backdrop of war. The film, which does not avoid explicit images of the victims of violence, serves as guide through a city at the threshold of a new life.



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