Watani: My Homeland

Director:Marcel Mettelsiefen
Premiere:14. March 2018
Length:76 minutes

Category: Right to Know

Director: Marcel Mettelsiefen

Even a place where bombs fall is still a home that is hard to leave. The riveting story of the family of the commander of the Free Syrian Army in devastated Aleppo.

Filmmaker Marcel Mettelsiefen filmed the four children of Free Syrian Army Commander Abu Ali, Hammoudi, Helen, Farah and Sara over the course of three years. The father believed the fight against Bashar al-Assad was as important as protecting his own family, which is why they continued to live in a demolished district of Aleppo, in the midst of bombing and with only weapons to play with. When Ali was captured by the so-called Islamic State in 2013, his wife Hala had a painful decision to make. Hoping for a better future, she applied for asylum in Germany. Little Sara left a paper heart at home for her father, in the hope that she would see him again soon.



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