Guardians of the Earth

Director:Filip Antoni Malinowski
Premiere:10. March 2018
Length:85 minutes

Category: UnEarthed

Director: Filip Antoni Malinowski

The negotiations at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015 are considered to be one of the most important in the history of environmental initiatives. The film presents the intriguing course of the negotiations leading to a real breakthrough that can help avert the imminent catastrophe on this planet.

For twenty years, the world has failed to agree on how to jointly cope with climate change. In December 2015, 20,000 negotiators from 195 of the world’s countries met in Paris to conduct talks regarding a common approach to global warming, which threatens to irreversibly damage the Earth. The documentary reveals the efforts of the organizers of this momentous event as well as some of the supporters of the most ambitious agreement possible. The filmmakers participate not only in public debates but also have access to closed-door meetings, offering a unique view of complex negotiations during which the national interests of individual states clash – those of the powerful, who do not want to give up a single iota of their prosperity, and those of the tiny island countries who want nothing more than to survive.



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