Land of the Free

Director:Heidi Elise Christensen, Camilla Magid
Premiere:13. August 2018
Length:91 minutes

Category: Americana

Director: Heidi Elise Christensen, Camilla Magid

Three out of four prisoners released in the United States will sooner or later find themselves behind bars again. What chances will 42-year-old Brian have after his return to freedom?

The majority of the population of South Central Los Angeles are African American. The community is dominated by drug dealers and gangs, and shootings are a daily occurrence. When portraying this neighbourhood, Danish documentarist Camilla Magid focused on the lives of several individuals who have recently returned from prison and are searching for their place in society. Brian spent 24 years in jail, and there is no one is waiting for him on the outside. He doesn’t know how to send an email or ask a girl out on a date, much less how to look for a job when he has a criminal record. In another situation, young parents find it difficult to re-establish a loving relationship with their children. Will all of them successfully return to the “Land of the Free”?



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