The Venerable W.

Director:Barbet Schroeder
Premiere:12. March 2018
Length:100 minutes

Category: Right to Know

Director: Barbet Schroeder

The ethnic Rohingya Muslim minority has long faced discrimination and oppression in primarily Buddhist Myanmar. The ideological leader of radicals is the Myanmar nationalist monk Wirathu.

“Buddhism tells us to follow the way of peace. The moment there is any violence, Buddhism is destroyed,” explains monk W. Kaylar Sa, one of the leaders of Myanmar’s Saffron Revolution. Nevertheless, there is an extremist movement of radical nationalists amongst Myanmar’s Buddhist monks, which is inciting religious violence against Muslims in Myanmar. Leading them is the radical monk Wirathu, the spiritual father of the anti-Muslim 969 Movement. His followers believe the Rohingya Muslims pose a threat to Buddhists and that it is necessary to get rid of them. Last year, violence in Myanmar led to the systematic burning of Rohingya villages, and to the murder and assault of civilians. What has led to this wave of Myanmar nationalism? In the film, Wirathu openly speaks about the long years he has worked to propagate his thoughts.



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