Becoming Who I Was

Director:Chang-yong Moon, Jin Jeon
Premiere:13. March 2018
Length:100 minutes

Category: Beyond the Horizon

Director: Chang-yong Moon, Jin Jeon

Five-year-old Padma Angu is no ordinary boy. He was recognised as the reincarnation of a spiritual teacher in Tibet. The boy is taken under the wing of an old monk and healer, who for seven years acts as his mentor.

Padma first enjoyed the reverence in his native village in northern India. However, the honourable title of Rinpoche begins to represent a burden rather than a privilege for the small boy. His mentor, follower and friend, the aging Urgyan, unselfishly subordinates his life to the boy's. Together, they travel all the way to Tibet, facing many trials and tribulations. This time-lapse documentary on the relationship between a young boy and an old monk set in the Indian Himalayas shows the powerful bond of Tibetans in Indian exile to a long-lost home.



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