Director:Mika Gustafson, Christina Tsiobanelis, Olivia Kastebring
Premiere:11. March 2018
Length:90 minutes
Genre:Biographical, Documentary

Category: Art for Change

Director: Mika Gustafson, Christina Tsiobanelis, Olivia Kastebring

Silvana is an angry young woman who raps about how “this world is fucked up”. Her feminist, anti-racist lyrics, strongly influenced by her sexual orientation, have made her an idol in Sweden.

Her mother is Lithuanian, her father Syrian, and she is a feminist lesbian. This is the cocktail that gave rise to Swedish rap superstar Silvana Imam. “You say my love is breaking the law. I say you have a super slim dick. Go and kiss your fucking swastika,” these are the words of her hit “Imam Cobain”, which fans go crazy over. Silvana’s courtship with Beatrice Eli, the pioneer of feminist pop, has strengthened her influence on the LGBT community. People can fall in love with their personalities without liking their music. The directors of this highly emotional film managed to capture an intimate portrait of the famous “power pussy”, who is fearless onstage but often doubts herself after the show.



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