Director:Laura Poitras
Premiere:14. March 2018
Length:92 minutes

Category: One Zero

Director: Laura Poitras

WikiLeaks allows the anonymous disclosure of classified documents and has already caused several scandals. This documentary filmed over six years takes viewers into the private life of its founder, the activist Julian Assange, and presents his contradictory character.

Director Laura Poitras, who won an Oscar for Citizenfour, a documentary about whistle-blower Edward Snowden, began filming the story of a man who at first glance has a lot in common with Snowden. Julian Assange can also be seen as a modern hero of the information age. Gradually, however, the story began to evolve in a different direction than the director had anticipated. In asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, a portrait began to crystallise of a man who besides being a penetrating and principled thinker is also an egocentric manipulator unable to accept criticism. After the release of an early cut of the film in Cannes, the director returned to the editing room and a year later presented the final cut, which is even more critical of Assange.



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