Director:Clement Cogitore
Premiere:11. March 2018
Length:49 minutes

Category: Beyond the Horizon

Director: Clement Cogitore

"I had strange dreams. Suddenly we weren't living there anymore." A hypnotic documentary from the heart of the Siberian taiga depicts an awakening from the dream of life in the middle of untouched nature.

The rusty powerboat breaks through the mist over the river surrounded by centuries-old trees. The boat is being piloted by one of the sons who have never known civilisation because their father left human society to live according to his own rules. The large family's life in the Siberian taiga, far away from every city, could easily be a celebration of virgin nature and the simple life. Their only human neighbours sow rivalry in the silence of the forest and are a constant topic of conversation in the tightly knit family; but the real danger is only just coming. As the father says: "In the taiga, man is the most dangerous animal."



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