Over the Limit

2DCSPolish subtitles12
Director:Marta Prus
Premiere:9. March 2018
Length:74 minutes
Genre:Sporting, Documentary

Director: Marta Prus

"You are not a human being, you are an athlete." These are the words gymnast Rita Mamun hears from her ruthless head coach. An intimate portrait from behind the scenes of the sport reveals a Russian training system that crosses all limits in the pursuit of perfection.

Twenty-year-old modern gymnast Rita is preparing for the Olympics in Rio, which should be the culmination of her entire career. The constant physical effort is exhausting, but much more challenging is the psychological pressure exerted by her coaches. Whatever she does is never enough. She must always meet the highest expectations. Although ready to sacrifice everything to reach her limits, she is forced to go even further. Forget about your family, ignore injuries; but mainly train, train, train, around the clock. How much humiliation must one take to win?



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