Stella Polaris Ulloriarsuaq

Director:Yatri Niehaus
Premiere:9. March 2018
Length:86 minutes
Genre:Biographical, Adventurous, Documentary

Category: UnEarthed

Director: Yatri Niehaus

This visually impressive film tells a story set in an environment of eternal snow and ice, a land of seal hunters and dog sleighs, and portrays the disappearing world of the original inhabitants of Greenland’s white plains.

The Greenland ice sheet is millions of years old. Due to global warming, it is now melting at a rapid rate and will soon vanish forever. The people for whom this land of omnipresent ice was always home will disappear with it. It seems that, on 21st century Earth, there will be no place for their way of life, traditions, or culture, which have all been defined by the endless ice plains for centuries. Documentarist Yatri N. Niehaus set out with a team of two photographers to record the most recent condition of the beautiful ice massifs, and, in his lyrical film, captures the centuries-old, tried-and-tested wisdom of the indigenous inhabitants.



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