A Better Man

Director:Attiya Khan, Lawrence Jackman
Premiere:8. March 2018
Length:79 minutes

Category: Panorama

Director: Attiya Khan, Lawrence Jackman

Attiya was 16 when she met slightly older Steve in high school. It was the first serious relationship for both of them and the couple soon began living together. But it almost cost the young woman her life.

Steve beat Attiya practically every day during their two-year relationship. He called her racist names, thrashed her with his fists, shook her until she fainted. "I thought this was what relationships are like," recalls the troubled Attiya in a therapy session, also attended by Steve. "I expected him sooner or later to kill me." Twenty years after their break-up, they agreed to meet in front of the cameras and explore deep-seated wounds. This intimate film sensitively examines the process of healing souls damaged by domestic violence, seeks its causes and how to pay life's debt to the victims.



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