Director:Laura Bari
Premiere:14. March 2018
Length:100 minutes

Category: International Competition

Director: Laura Bari

Both lost their childhood. Although Rocío and Aldana seemingly experience the common misfortunes and joys of adolescence, deep inside there is a hole they will forever be trying to fill.

At a tender age, the girls were victims of sexual assault. In addition to her deep psychological scars, Rocio also has burn marks that serve as daily reminders of what she lived through. Yet, neither of them gives up. They have each other, their loved ones, their diaries, and the courage to speak out. Their pain never goes away, but it becomes easier to bear each time they talk about the experiences, dance, or paint. Intimate narration reveals, with the utmost sensitivity, the layers of their stories. This film shows the unbreakable spirit of two young women at the threshold of adulthood – sometimes in poetic shots (such as when Rocio, replaying a dream, glides across the beach as a crocodile girl), at other times in images from ordinary daily life – and provides a creative tribute to their vitality.



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