690 Vopnafjörður

Director:Karna Sigurðardóttir
Premiere:14. March 2018
Length:57 minutes

Category: Beyond the Horizon

Director: Karna Sigurðardóttir

There are 645 permanent residents in the Icelandic village of Vopnafjörđur. With modern amenities, but geographically far away from the rest of the world, the locals are wondering if their village still has a future.

The snow-capped mountains rise directly from the shoreline and, at some point high above, meld into a long, desolate plain. A fishing boat draws near, approaching from where the sea touches the sky. The captain, a seasoned sailor, is thinking about his native village where he is returning with his catch. Just like the local policewoman, a young local footballer, and the head of the choir, he is worried about the future of this unique, half-forgotten place that survives only from seasonal work. What keeps them here and what lures them to leave? In their stories, we see both hope for the future and resignation to the fact that their days in this isolated area may be numbered.



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