Director:Eva Lammelová
Premiere:11. March 2018
Length:40 minutes

Category: Czech Competition

Director: Eva Lammelová

They don’t care for sex and often do not even want a romantic relationship. In spite of their differences, they want to lead fulfilling lives. The protagonists of this film not only have good jobs hobbies, and friends, but, motivated by their own coming out, also the desire and courage to help other asexuals to learn to accept their own identity.

Asexuals are one of many sexual minorities, and they identify as part of the queer community. As much as it may sound like a paradox, the Prague Pride event is extremely important to Czech asexuals. Although Jana loves romance literature, and has even translated many such novels into Czech, she calls herself an aromantic. Neither she nor Ondřej, the documentary’s male protagonist, feel any sexual desire. The film’s director, Eva Lammelová, uses their stories to show the lives of asexuals within a society in which sex is an inherent part of daily life.



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