Golden Dawn Girls

Director:Håvard Bustnes
Premiere:11. March 2018
Length:92 minutes

Category: Eurodrome

Director: Håvard Bustnes

The leaders of the notorious Greek extremist party, Golden Dawn, have been in custody for four years and are awaiting trial. Their daughters, mothers and wives are entering the scene in order to keep the movement alive.

“What happened to Greece?” Norwegian filmmaker Håvard Bustnes asks at the beginning of his film. In order to better understand why a movement proclaiming racial superiority, violence and hatred has gained such popularity in what is the cradle of European democracy, he decided to make a documentary about the women who stand behind it. Careful of what they say in front of the camera, they – unfortunately for them – no longer watch their mouths when they think that nobody is filming or listening. Their unguarded opinions, combined scenes from the various actions organised by the women fighters of Golden Dawn, create an impressive yet disturbing picture of what is happening in today’s Greece, at a time when it is throttled by austerity measures.



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