Return of a President: After the Coup in Madagascar

Director:Lotte Mik-Meyer
Premiere:10. March 2018
Length:79 minutes

Category: Right to Know

Director: Lotte Mik-Meyer

When the new government refuses to allow the overthrown president to return to his homeland, it does not help that he is sitting on a plane that is practically on the motherland. But the former President of Madagascar, Marc Ravalomanana, does not give up his fight.

During his term in office as president, the influential businessman Marc Ravalomanana lifted up his country in many respects, but in 2009 he was overthrown by a military coup. His opponents blamed him for combining his personal economic goals with those of the state. However, he believes that the real reason for the coup was his cuts to the military budget and the machinations of France, whose influence Ravalomanana had attempted to weaken. This documentary follows the former president in South African exile, during which he makes repeated attempts to return to his homeland. We watch frustrating political negotiations, dramatic moments and, above all, the relentless efforts of the overthrown president to return home and take part in democratic elections.



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