Devil's Freedom

Director:Everardo González
Premiere:9. March 2018
Length:74 minutes

Category: Panorama

Director: Everardo González

Organised violence penetrates Mexican society like a disease that inexorably attacks victims and offenders. The film presents a tragic picture of ruined human lives in an environment where the law means nothing.

A horrific report by director Everardo González on cruelty, injustice and corruption, which massively undermines the foundations of Mexican society, provided through the testimonies of people wearing special masks with openings for their eyes and mouth – large enough to preserve their anonymity, but without concealing their individuality. Traumatic experiences are discussed by the victims or their relatives, but also by those who have kidnappings, murders and torture on their own conscience. The film does not seek to explain the violence, only to share the experiences of those who have suffered it. This uniquely stylised film was awarded the Amnesty International Film Prize at the Berlinale in 2017.



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