Director:Ilha Lee
Premiere:10. March 2018
Length:98 minutes

Category: Right to Know

Director: Ilha Lee

Nowadays, not even Japanese society is safe from the threat of ultranationalists. Activists, who often do not act wearing kid gloves, have taken it upon themselves to combat xenophobia.

In recent years, hostility aimed primarily towards the Korean minority in Japan has fuelled the growth of the Zaitokukai movement, at whose demonstrations the worst possible threats have often been made shielded by the right to free speech. State inaction has triggered the activity of anti-fascist groups. One of the most radical anti-nationalist crusaders is the impulsive and violent Takahashi, who makes no secret of his past among the yakuza. It is this film that conclusively credits him with changing the attitude of legislators to hate speech. The film features an unconventional style – where the filmmakers are not afraid of using anime or manga elements but develop a drama that features real people, not cartoon characters.


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