Director:Maasja Ooms
Premiere:8. March 2018
Length:92 minutes

Category: International Competition

Director: Maasja Ooms

Over the course of three years, nine-year-old Alicia has changed. At first she was just sad, then rebellious and eventually aggressive. What happens to the soul of a child that has been yearning for years for love and a home?

Alicia was born to an underage mother in Dutch institutional care. After a year of living with her parents and three years at foster homes, she finds herself in a nursing home, but unlike most other children she cannot find a new family. Her mother keeps sporadic contact with her, but enough to make the girl wish she could go home with her. As time goes by, Alicia's frustration grows, turning into aggressive rage and keeping her ever further away from her dream of having a loving family.



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