The Deminer

Director:Hogir Hirori
Premiere:7. March 2018
Length:82 minutes

Category: International Competition

Director: Hogir Hirori

Fakir Berwari is a legend in the Iraqi city of Dohuk. His weapons are an ordinary knife, tweezers and nerves of steel. His enemies are various kinds of explosives.

After the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, Fakir Berwari joined the army. When he saw how many people had been killed in Iraqi Kurdistan by landmines, he decided to dedicate his life to ridding the world of these deadly implements. Since then his days have resembled an action film. This documentary based on archival footage shows how with ice in his veins he cuts the wires of home-made explosives. His own life seems to come in second place; the lives of civilians come first. He is only stopped by an accident in which he loses his leg. After years of inactivity, with no way to ply his trade, a new enemy, the so-called Islamic state, emerges. The film is a fascinating story of a father of eight whose courage puts him at risk of losing everything.



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