The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid

Director:Feargal Ward
Premiere:7. March 2018
Length:85 minutes

Category: International Competition

Director: Feargal Ward

The land that his family has been farming for more than a hundred years is worth more to Irish farmer Thomas Reid than any sum of money that the multinational corporations trying to buy it could offer him. He refuses to give up, even when the authorities are against him.

Thomas Reid, a solitary man in his fifties, may come across as a simple man who will easily be talked into giving up his land. However, the situation is completely the opposite. Multinational giant Intel has long been trying to buy Thomas’s land in order to expand their operations, but without success. An Irish government agency supports Intel, with the argument that hundreds of new job opportunities will become available, and will make a decision regarding a forced sale. The subsequent court battle aims to answer the question as to whether it is possible to identify corporate interest as being equal to public interest. Staged scenes, recapitulating the communication between the authorities and the farmer, are interspersed with effective shots of Thomas Reid’s daily activities.


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