The Hate Destroyer

Director:Vincenzo Caruso, Fabrizio Lussu
Premiere:7. March 2018
Length:52 minutes
Genre:Drama, Documentary

Category: Long Live Life!

Director: Vincenzo Caruso, Fabrizio Lussu

Irmela is a peculiar Berlin pensioner. Armed with spray paint, a scraper and cleaning products, she has been fighting tirelessly against hate symbols every day for 30 years.

No anti-Semitic posters, swastikas or homophobic slogans are safe from Irmela. The 70-year-old Berliner paints over, scrapes off and erases everything related to discrimination of any kind. Not even neo-Nazi threats or conflicts with law enforcement deter her. The film on the one hand examines the German ultra-right, while on the other presenting a psychological portrait of its heroine. It sensitively reveals the painful causes of Irmela's relentless struggle with hatred.



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