Before My Feet Touch The Ground

Director:Daphni Leef
Premiere:6. March 2018
Length:77 minutes

Category: Right to Know

Director: Daphni Leef

Israeli student Daphni Leef led a quiet life in downtown Tel Aviv. Everything changed when she had to move out of her apartment and found it almost impossible to find housing at an affordable price.

In 2011, she moved her furniture and other belongings to her parents’ home, left her apartment, and set up a tent in central Tel Aviv. This marked the start of young filmmaker Daphni’s protest against high housing prices, which had doubled over the previous five years. She served as an inspiration to others and, within a short time, tents flooded first the centre of Tel Aviv and subsequently other cities across the country. People came together to call for social justice. The protest has unpredictably grown into a mass movement of hundreds of thousands of people, and Daphni has become the face of their campaign. How has she managed to withstand the tremendous pressure, and to face media interest as well as criticism? After six years, she goes back over the events in the film.


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